Immediate openings for full time (4-6 month) Youth Security positions.


Re: Youth Security: As part of the youth security team you will monitor the areas where the teens and youth congregate when not in the teen or youth centers.  Contracts are 4-6 months in duration with 2 months off after contract completion.

Candidates must have a min of 2+ years of experience working with teens or young adults in a large organizational setting. Security, outreach experience or working with at risk youths is essential for this position.

If interested the above noted role please email your resume to

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  1. I don’t have youth security experience but I am a babysitter and very interested in this job opportunity.

  2. Hi

    My name is Judith and I have qualifications in Childcare they include Certificate 3 and Diploma in children services, first aid and anaphylaxis, basic sign language certificate and nominated supervisor, current working with children’s check and others. I would just like more information related to working with your cruise line company as well as traveling to and from, what the duration’s are when working, as well as what my role will be, and some information on if I choose Canada what the visa/ passport requirements are?

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi there Judith, our youth security roles are usually open with P&O Australia primarily. Contracts are usually 4-6 months in duration. P&O has a few ships which are primarily based out of Australia and New Zealand. Although we are located in Canada our P&O candidates join in Australia or New Zealand most often (the company provides all flight costs to get to your ship). If you are American or Canadian you will often not require any additional visas (other than an entry visa to come into Australia/NZ to join your ship and an MCV visa to work onboard an Australian based vessel). You would not need to obtain any visas until you had been approved for employment. Most of the above noted visas are free or at a very low cost via the Australian Consulate. Please feel free to message me with further questions if you have any at

  3. I have over 5 years experience in supervising medium to large groups of youth; Used to work at a Summer Training Centre for the Military.

    What other qualifications would it be useful for me to have? Are there any certifications I will need?

    P.S. I already submitted my resume, but have not received any sort of response. Can someone confirm receipt?

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